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LED aquarium light
Publish:Shenzhen Herifi Technology Co., LTD  Time:2015-03-20
 LED Aquarium light
     Aquarium lights, also called water plants grow lights, generally the lights mainly use LED chips,
so they are also known as LED aquarium lights, LED plants grow lights, LED plants light filling lamps.
     LED Aquarium light is a special kind of lighting,the lamps can instead of sunlight to provide
energy to the water plants.
     Our herifi products use a unique optical lens, have a high light efficiency, a strong light intensity ,
and the ray of light is uniform and soft,specially, the light presents a rectangular beam,so it can
illuminate the four corners of the aquarium. Also,there is no direct radiation, ultraviolet (UV) or
Infrared (IR) pollution.It’s very safe,you can entirely rest assured.It owns a long life ,up to 50000
hours. We use CREE / LED light source, enable different wavelengths of lamps used simultaneously,
so there is a good performance in the spectrum, color and other aspects.
     There is a strong light permeability, make the color of fish more colorful. The red light can promote
the healthy growth of the fish,and make the fish more colorful, especially for red fish.
     When it’s turned to ultra-white mode, the water is clearer and more transparent.the color of coral,
fish, and aquatic plants is much more vivid.
     When it’s turned to blue mode ,the color of water is blue just like the sea water ,can promote the
calcium absorption of coral , and the synthesis of vitamin D3, ensure its healthy growth. It’s particularly
applicable for coral, duckbill fish, shrimp and other biological .
led aquarium lights

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